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September 29, 2021
Runner in black running tights

Recently, I asked a question in a very popular running forum about favourite running tights. At the time, I was considering treating myself to a new pair and I wanted to crowd source some ideas on favourite brands for comfort, practicality, durability and prettiness. In particular, I was looking for full length running tights with a phone pocket. My question was:

If you could buy any full-length running tights with pockets for a phone, which brand would you favour? Assuming budget was not an issue. I’m considering treating myself and am interested in your personal experience and reviews. I favour the high waisted style, warm-ish full-length tights for winter and they mustn’t budge during a run. What do you recommend?

I received a whopping 145 responses from women all over Australia. Answers were wide and varied as could be expected, and ranged a lot in opinion. Many women were openly concerned about the price of some brands, and many commented on the ethical practices of the manufacturers. Given the time everyone took to respond to me, I thought it would be nice to compile a little overview of the responses and see if I could pick a favourite based on what I read. Here’s what I found.

Most popular brand: Lululemon

Many women pointed out a particular preference for Fast & Free, but not everyone made this distinction. Overwhelmingly, 39 women chose Lululemon and many pointed to the quality and comfort of the tights.

Runner up: RunFaster

I confess this was actually one of my favourite brands too, and am gratified that 26 people chose it as their go-to as well.

Close third: Abi & Joseph

My other favourite brand, and in fact the pair I purchased not long after posing the original question. Universally lauded for their comfort, their generous waistbands, their ample pockets and the incredible comfort when running.

Honourable mentions

Other brands that did very well in my snap survey were Lorna Jane (although more than one responder voted against them for alleged previous unethical practices), Running Bare and Rockwear. A brand I had never heard of before, LSKD, also got a notable number of votes so I am resolved to check them out whenever I get the opportunity. And Active Truth got a solid response as well.

What do you think? What’s your favourite pair of running tights and who will you go to next time you’re shopping? As for me, I’m loving the new full length Abi & Joseph tights that saw me through a chilly winter and I’ll be rocking the ¾ Run Fasters that arrived in today’s mail all summer long! 

Running Tights survey graph