What our clients have to say


Andrea is not only a lovely human being, she is encouraging and informative when it comes to running. I stopped running several years ago due to ongoing injuries but have worked with Andrea over the past year to slowly regain my running fitness & enjoyment. Highly recommended!


I followed one of Andrea's training programs when I was coming back from injury and I am so happy to say I exceeded even my expectations. The program was thoughtfully designed and personalized for me. I'm also thoroughly enjoying her webinar series. I would highly recommend The Slow Coach to anyone- but especially to those who have always wanted to give it a try but have thought they were too unfit, old, overweight etc. I am proof that with the right approach, running is for everyone!


Andrea has changed my life, she's such an inspiration, she's so encouraging and truly believes in each and every person. This group is not only great for learning how to run, but they've also become my running family.


Andrea a comprehensive approach to coaching. She helps developing your running from literary zero to your own personal goals with a supportive and empathetic approach and zero judgement. She is also extremely knowledgeable about running-related aspects such as injuries and nutrition, and has an extended network of experts in all those fields that she can put you in touch with and get you discounts.

On a more personal note she is also very supportive, flexible and genuinely nice;


Great to find a running coach that understands not everyone is a fast runner. Andrea adapts her training to suit the individual’s goals and current ability.


This is for those you who have ever thought about running but never believed you could.

Run with the Slow Coach provides a passionate, professional, personalised and fun running coach and mentor service.


Thank you for the inspiration, motivation and continuous support. I can’t recommend your running sessions highly enough.


A wonderful supportive group.