How is the Slow Coach different from other online running forums?

We recognise that there are many outstanding programs out there, many of them free. But for the most part training programs in the public domain are aimed at a cohort who are naturally fit, experienced, athletic and confident with their running journey.

The Slow Coach aims to create a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for runners who might otherwise be intimidated by running programs. No matter your age, experience, fitness levels, size or aspirations we can get you from flat to finish line.

Does the Slow Coach offer any free resources?

Yes. You can get your free copy of “Slouch to Slowly” Our custom couch to 2km program for new runners. We also share our thoughts on why being a beginner is your superpower.

We’d also love you to join our Facebook group, follow our page, visit our video library, read our blog or ask us a question about running .

You can also browse a race calendar near you and sign up, you can buy our merchandise and recommended running gear.

What membership options are available via the Slow Coach?

Our most popular option is the Ground Running membership, offering a bespoke set of training plans specifically created for new, slow, beginner and older runners. They have access to some exclusive videos and articles, and a free gift on sign up.

Ground Running members also qualify for awesome discounts on races and gear, which will likely more than cover the cost of membership. For a limited time, Ground Running members also get a phone or video consultation with Andrea.

Runners wanting one-on-one mentoring for three months or a year at a time can explore more options here

I’d like to train with Andrea in person. Can I do that?

If you are local to the Ku-ring-gai area of Sydney, Australia we offer an in-person running group twice a week at the St Ives Village Green.  Details.

I’d like more than a cookie cutter membership. How can I get a mentoring program?

Yes. Our Running Along and For the Long Run members can choose from a three month or one year mentoring program where Andrea trains over your shoulder and guides you towards your running goal. 

How can I submit a question?

In Rundamentals, Andrea answers questions about running training, form, progress, technique, mindset and more via the Facebook page, and these are usually posted every Thursday. Email Andrea a question today.

For questions about membership, payments, merch ordering or anything admin related you can write to us here (Link to hello@email address)

Can I train with the Slow Coach if I’ve never run before?

Absolutely. Running is awesome, but many of us have never been fast, and never will be. But that does not need to matter one iota. Run with the Slow Coach is your portal to a joy and love of running, a social group, an endorphin high and a tremendous sense of personal accomplishment. 

I’m worried that I’m too old, too big, too new, too anything to start running

You are not. In order to be the runner you want to be, you must first be the runner you are today. We have a program for every age, every level, every gender, every body. 

DOes run with the slow coach YOU HAVE A COVID SAFE PLAN

Yes we are registered as a Covid Safe business and all in person classes are run in strict accordance with a covid safe protocols. 


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For all other questions about membership, payments, merchandise ordering or anything admin related you can write to us