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January 7, 2023
Shoe Review

This is my second ever shoe review, written because I’ve noticed I get asked about these babies every time I wear them. I have to confess that I bought them because I thought they were pretty. And I backed this up with the knowledge that my husband runs in them, and loves them. So when they came up in 40% off sale at running warehouse I figured it was my chance to give them a try.

In my books, they are hands down the best looking running shoe at the moment. And when I initially tried them on, I was delighted with the mid foot support, lightweight feeling and unusual shoelaces. The technology was impressive, they are marketed as a moderate stability shoe. When I slipped them on for the first time, I noticed the cushion of the memory foam insoles of the shoes. They don’t have a massive drop and a fairly low profile, despite those distinguishing cloud shaped cushions along the sole.

So, I guess I was surprised that the actual runs in these shoes felt surprisingly firm. In the end, too firm for my liking. I could feel the stability the pods provided. They leveled my foot and ankle, keeping both straighter throughout my stride than felt natural for me.

The balls of my feet bore more impact during my runs as a result. The pods under the forefront are firmer than the other pods which is designed to push you forward as you transition. They look so plush, so soft, and the marketing promised the feeling of running on clouds. Unfortunately, I experienced none of this. Advice from runners around me suggested I would get used to the feeling but I never did.

Their firmness, weight and profile left me feeling like I was running with bricks on my shoes, and returning home with the sensation of bruising on the soles of my feet. I persevered for around half a dozen runs, possibly more, but in the end, I have decided they are not for me. In fact, I have just offered them to a girlfriend so that they can serve a less dismissive mistress.

If you are reading this review, I ask you to bear in mind that this is just my opinion, and that these shoes have received rave reviews elsewhere in the running community. Also, I am not a shoe expert and have not worn a massively wide range of shoes, so my field of vision is comparatively narrow. But that said, I definitely look forward to returning to something with a bit more ‘real’ cushioning. Brooks ghost, come to mama.

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