A customised three month 1:1 virtual coaching program specifically designed to encourage, support and realise your individual pathway to your personal running goal. 

12 week bespoke coaching program

Only 3 available per quarter

All 'Ground Running' benefits PLUS



  • 12 week customised virtual coaching with detailed plan
  • Initial 1 hr briefing  call
  • 20 min weekly  call
  • Accountability on Strava 
  •  Social media recognition 

Expert coach for the long run. 

Encourage & empower your running progress.  

Identify & achieve running goals.

Increasing capability, confidence & community.

1 yr high-level exclusive mentoring program for targeted success 

All 'Running Along' benefits PLUS

Only 1 space left for 2021



  • 12 month 1:1 mentoring program
  • Initial 1 hr video consultation 
  • Customised training plans
  • Weekly phone call
  • Accountability on Strava
  •  Social media recognition

"It isn't just about winning a race. Running is a lot of things to different people. For me, I love to run. It's about sanity, indulgence, something for me. Feeling good. And yes, good for my health but also good for my sanity. And I love sharing my runs. I love the vibe. I do my best but don't beat myself up. My pace in any given run is just how I feel on the day." – John

"Just want to thank you for getting me back into running. I had given up hope of ever running again. Thought I was too old and too many injuries. Your personal running journey resonated with mine. You helped me realise that I don't have to look skinny, I don't have to run fast.. I just need to be out there doing it. Thanks again for busting all those barriers for me. Looking forward to participating in your programs in 2021." - Ann