Running Wins

Leigh began running with the Slow Coach to support her hockey training, particularly in the off-season. 

But she stayed because she found it unlocked a community of support, encouragement, fun and motivation that enabled her to reconnect with her own ability, and improved her mental stamina to deal with her busy career as a lawyer and wife and mother to a family with significant medical needs. 

Starting from a base of almost zero, Leigh has now completed many Parkruns (5km), 10km races, the 14km City2Surf and a very impressive three half marathons (21.1km).

Why Slow is your Superpower

Claire was unable to run for an uninterrupted minute at the beginning of her training, and was struggling with significant levels of personal anxiety which really affected her mental health and her ability to train regularly.

Despite this, her significant courage meant that she never gave up. Just over a year later, Claire is running 5km distances and more, and will be lining up for the 14km City2Surf in August 2022.

More significantly though, her quiet and sometimes tearful demeanour has given way to one of confidence, humour, sassiness and pride. She’s a huge source of encouragement for other runners in the group and a real example of the power of grit, determination and a positive outlook.

Why Slow is your Superpower